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Orders by Phone or Fax

Order Form

Orders can be made over the phone or via fax. To order over the phone simply call our customer service team on 02 8832 3300 between 8:30am - 5:30pm AEST. Orders can also by sent via fax by downloading and printing a Road Tech Marine order form and faxing it to (02) 8832 3333.

Click here to download a Road Tech Marine order form.

Mail order terms & conditions:
• Goods - Aerosols, flammable, heavy and bulky items cannot be sent by post.
• Payment - via cheque, money order or credit card (*MasterCard, Visa, American Express *Credit card surcharges may apply.)
• Minimum Order Value - Mail order & Internet purchases have a minimum order value of $10.
• Freight - Various freight options and rates are given on the order form. After selecting the freight option that suits you, please clearly mark it and add these additional changes to the total on your order. Goods cannot be delivered to a post office box via road or air courier service.
• Missing or Damaged Goods - We’ve found road and air transportation equally as reliable. However it must be emphasised that our responsibility for the goods ceases when the goods are handed over to the nominated carrier. Risk on the goods passes to you when the goods leave our warehouse. Our order form allows you to elect to have goods insured against loss in transit at your cost – otherwise loss of goods in transit is at your own risk. All claims for missing and damaged goods in transit must be lodged with the carrier or local Post Office. If goods have been insured please contact Road Tech Marine.
• Insurance - If you wish to insure, insurance will cost you 1% of the value of the goods and we are happy to arrange it on your behalf. This insurance covers goods DAMAGED in transit. If you order by phone you will be asked if you wish us to insure on your behalf. Insurance will cost $1 for every $100 value or part thereof eg. If your order is for $145 the insurance will be $2. (Note: Some items such as solar panels etc. are difficult to ship and have a higher insurance fee of $7.50 per $500.) If you do not wish to insure a statement saying ‘Insurance Declined’ will appear on the order. If you post an order don’t forget to consider insurance. We do not automatically issue insurance unless you specify. If you don’t mention insurance you will NOT be insured.
• Out of Stock Items - items under $10 are not back ordered. Please re-order once item(s) are in stock.

Click here for full terms and conditions.