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Bow Shackle 10mm x 11mm Violet


Bow Shackle 10mm x 11mm Violet Bow Shackle 10mm x 11mm Violet MAC340 1.42
Bow Shackle 10mm x 11mm Violet
  • Bow Shackle 10mm x 11mm Violet

Bow Shackle 10mm x 11mm Violet


NOTE: This product is discontinued. Please see our replacement MAC352
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These products are very high quality, manufactured in high-tensile steel to Australian Standards AS2741:2002. We cannot emphasise enough how important it is when you need to use products like these that they absolutely, definitely cannot, cannot break. If you were to use a cheap, say, Chinese non-rated shackle and it broke, the consequences could be horrendous. Say you were towing a 4WD out of an up-to-the axle bog using a chain. The energy in a broken shackle fragment would create a piece of shrapnel flying at about the same speed as a pistol bullet.

Can you imagine if an innocent bystander was hit by this?

The products described in deliberate detail below simply will not do this. They are the most conservatively rated products we have ever seen.

They are products that will last not one lifetime but several. Buy two, so that you have a secure anchor at both ends of the tow. And use nylon "snatch" type tow-straps if possible. They have ‘give’ when all tow slack is taken up and will place far less strain on chassis, towing hardware, etc. Chains have the ultimate strength but they are unforgiving. Be careful, and always, always get onlookers to stand well clear.

Colour Working Load Limit (Tonnes) Shackle Pin Dia (D) (mm) Opening (W) (mm) Inside Length (L) (mm) Width of Bow (B) (mm) Body Dia (d) (mm) Approx Weight (kg) Cat No.
Violet 1.0 11 17 37 min 26 min 10 0.15 MAC340
Green 2.0 16 21 48 min 33 min 13 0.37 MAC342
Yellow 3.2 19 27 61 min 43 min 16 0.65 MAC344
Grey4.7223272 min51 min191.06MAC346

Product Dimensions

Diameter 10mm